3.7 out of 5 (based on 6 ratings)
The Aberration Inside

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There are two different pathways to take in The Abrerration Inside and both will lead you to very different areas, but you can't go back between the two so be prepared to hit replay if you want to get the full story and an ending you'll be more happy with. While there are a few jumpscares the real horror of this game lies within the story you collect from the notes and getting the few other living people around and the ever looming atmosphere that is heavy with doom and gloom. Even the sound effects leave you unsettled so I recommend finding a dark corner to play in with a set of good quality headphones to really appreciate Psionic's tale of horror.

Controls of the Game

Move around with [WASD] or [ARROW] keys.

Look around with your [MOUSE].

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Timing is very important in this game.

Lock picking skills and some puzzles rely on clicking at the right time

Moving around a hallway with moving spikes you'll need to watch when and where you're stepping

game review

Finding yourself drawn to an odd crater in the top of a mountain you feel as if a grand adventure awaits you filled with treasure and other worldly goodies. Instead, you find yourself very far away from anything that could be considered from this world and are trapped. While there are hidden items and puzzles to be solved this point-and-click game is also filled with horrors that will make your skin crawl. That's because the master of horror escapes, Psionic, is back with their new tale, The Abrerration Inside.