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With any luck, bullying’s next on our list of societal ills to become extinct. But when that happens, it could mean the end of the uber-villain. In stories, the villain is usually born after being mistreated by his peers; let’s face it—revenge is a great motivator. In Deceit we meet a particularly interesting evildoer—one who uses her lethal charm to settle a few old scores—and in the process, we learn something about how villains are made.

Controls of the Game

To move around you can use your [ARROWS] or [WSDA] keys.

Put your [MOUSE] to chill mode.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Putting objects in front of enemys, shorten their limit of movements

Staying on light reduce chance ot getting killed

Try collecting all the stuff you can

Using Flashlighs may help or provide some info

game review

Deceit is a highly entertaining, well-made hidden object game. While its weirdly slow voice acting and lack of objective markers can prove irritating, its positive aspects more than make up for those flaws. Great graphics, interesting puzzles, carefully-crafted hidden object scenes, an absorbing story, dark humor; if these sound good to you, then you’re bound to enjoy the hunt.