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If Iconic Games and Placeable's surreal horror action adventure Coldgrip feels familiar, it's because it's essentially a remake of Snowdrift. In it, you play the only man left alive at the end of the world, where snow covers everything and darkness brings fear and danger. You live in a tiny cabin and must survive as long as you can, hunting for food and water in the nearby frozen forest, and making sure to keep enough wood on hand to keep your fire going at night.

Controls of the Game

Use the [ARROW] keys to move, [Z] to interact or confirm, and [X] to open your inventory

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Keep an eye on your Stamina.

Keep an eye on your Water.

Keep an eye on your Food.

Keep an eye on your Lamp Fuel meters in the upper left corner of the screen.

Keep an eye on your as well as on the constantly ticking clock.

game review

Because a survival simulation in a cold, dark world where you had to unravel your own past and stay alive against shadowy horrors is such a great idea, and Coldgrip's moody atmosphere and creepy moments show glimpses of a tremendous amount of potential. Coldgrip is a compelling concept held back by its flaws that horror fans may still want to check out, and hopefully gets more polish somewhere down the line to make it shine.